Month: October 2016
The Simple, 3-Step Formula To Dating Success

So, you're ready for a relationship but tired of "dating" - what now? You'd be surprised to learn that in today's "online dating app" world, dating fatigue is at an all time high. In today's world, more than ever, the key is to date less, but better. Here's how: Break free:  If you've been trying… Continue reading →

How To Have An Amazing First Date In 10 Seconds Or Less

They say a bad first impression may be your last. In fact, in today’s hyper-connected world that’s even more true. But what if we told you that a good first impression, particularly on a first date, is also more important today than ever? Well it is, and making a good first impression will likely lead… Continue reading →

Yes, ‘Cultural Fit’ Matters In Dating — But It May Not Mean What You Think

Vancouver, like most great cities in the world, is as multicultural as they come. But what does this actually mean for YOUR love life? It actually means less than you think - in both a good & bad way. Here's what it means for you: The superficial:  the most immediate impact of dating outside your… Continue reading →

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